New Year Checklist

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The new year is in full swing and I have one question, “How is your resolution going so far?” Resolutions can feel somewhat cliché, but the purpose behind them can be very beneficial. It’s a good feeling to start off a new year with a metaphorical clean slate; leaving things in the past behind us. With new goals and ambitions to pursue you are certain to have a good year. But, I think that something we can all agree with is that resolutions can often fall short of our expectations. It’s not that we don’t want it, it’s just a matter of trying to navigate it. The hardest parts are often figuring out how to get started, how to stay motivated, and what may be hindering us from moving forward. With that being said, I have compiled a brief list of factors and changes that I have applied to my own life and that will hopefully be helpful to you as well as you pursue new goals.

  1. FIGURE OUT THE TYPE OF GOALS YOU WANT TO SET-  There are two types of goals, short-term and long-term. Short-term goals are defined as something you want to accomplish soon. Typically, these goals can be accomplished in a day, week, month, or a year. This is typically the category that most of our resolutions fall in. On the other hand, long-term goals require a bit more time.  They are not something that can be accomplished overnight. Long-term goals require a more in-depth strategy, organization, and time. Career goals typically fall under this category.  The mistake that we often make is confusing the two, specifically setting long-term goals with short-term goal expectations. We live in a world that thrives off instant gratification, so it is understandable that we would want things to happen instantly. However, it is for that exact reason we are often disappointed when things do not happen as fast as we want them to. If you recognize that your resolution is more of a long-term goal do not fret or become discouraged. The best way to combat this is to set short-term goals centered around your long-term goal. By doing this, you are setting more attainable goals while laying the foundation towards accomplishing your long-term goal.
  2. ALIGN YOUR CIRCLE – I’m sure we are all familiar with the quote that says, ” Pay attention to the people who get quiet when you tell them your good news.”  This statement holds a lot of truth because you want people in your circle who are encouraging you and being supportive of the positive changes you are making in your life. This is not to say just cut off any friend you may feel slighted by, but you do need to pay attention to the energy and vibes your friends give off. If they are downplaying your goals and accomplishments, or hindering your success; it may be time to evaluate your circle. You cannot grow with people who do not support your vision or have no vision themselves. You cannot surround yourself with people who are content, stagnant, and comfortable and expect you to be the same. You don’t want to be in a friendship where you must shrink to make other people feel comfortable. This type of friendship will only make you fall back into old habits. True friends will recognize that you are evolving into the person you need to be in order to live your best life. They would never hinder this evolution because they will be going through their own evolution as well. So, surround yourself with people who have ambitions and goals like yourself. They will support you and hold you accountable along the way as you will do the same for them.
  3. STEP OUT OF COMFORT ZONES AND EMBRACE CHANGE – Sometimes our resolutions require us to step outside of our comfort zone, and stepping out requires embracing change. I know it can be scary, but it is completely necessary to get us to the next level. Sure, our comfort zones provide us with security, but sometimes that security prevents us from showing the world just how amazing we are. You have to think about it like this. In all the time, you have been following the same routine has anything changed? Sometimes you must step out on faith and make a change to see real results. There is a quote from Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts that says, “Do not watch others fill the shoes you were meant to walk in.” Most of the time fear of rejection prevents us from stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing change. We become so consumed with what others will think of us that we begin to hide behind the walls we have built up. However, the whole time we are hiding we are often watching others do the things that we know we are more than qualified to do as well. There may be thousands of people who do the same thing you do, but no one does it like you. You have a purpose and a valuable gift to share with the world. You just have to take that first leap of faith. Make it your mission to do at least one small task per day that will get you further and further outside your comfort zone.  It can be a very uncomfortable process, but it is well worth it when you begin to see doors opening for you that you never thought were possible.
  4. DO NOT SETTLE – There are moments in life when we just become tired. We feel like there is nothing better so we should just be content with the way things are.  We constantly fill our mind with the notion that “Well this is better than nothing”. That type of mindset must go. Do Not Settle! You deserve the best of the best. Do not settle for relationships, friendships, jobs, etc that are not adding to your life in a positive way. This is often the cause of missing out on real opportunities and blessings. If you know that you can obtain the best, then why would you settle for anything less than that. It is easy to get discouraged by timing and circumstance, and that leaves us content in bad situations. However, we have to realize those good things are going to take time, work, and most importantly patience. We shouldn’t just simply allow anything into our lives just to fill in space in the meantime.

I hope these tips are helpful towards completing your goals and let me know your resolutions and some tips you have towards staying on track.

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