I Am No Longer Afraid to Hit the Reset Button

reset button

I’m back! I had to take a brief hiatus from my blog because life was becoming a bit hectic. However, in my time away I’ve gained so much knowledge, motivation, and inspiration that I am so excited to share with all of you. But, today I want to briefly talk about just a few of the things I’ve learned in this new phase of life I’m in like; stepping out of comfort zones, change, and new beginnings.

During my hiatus, I learned that it okay to hit the reset button on life. Recently, I have been going through a season of change. These changes consist of friendships coming and going, moving into a new apartment, getting ready to go into my final semester of college, spiritual changes, emotional changes, and so much more. I must admit experiencing all of this at once is very overwhelming. This is due to the fact that, like so many others I have reservations about change.  If I allow myself, I will become very comfortable in my comfort zone. It’s not intentional at all, and I recognize that it is simply a defense mechanism. When I have a fear of the unknown, I run to my comfort zone. However, over time and more so recently, I’ve been working on allowing change to take place in my life. If I want to live my best life and see growth; I have to allow change. Sometimes change requires the addition or subtraction of something in our life. Whatever we lose, whether it’s a job or the end of a relationship, we can rest assured that something new is going to come around the corner. Sometimes we have to be pushed out of our current positions in order to get to the next stage of our life.  These changes will bring us to new and unfamiliar places, but it is all a part of a greater plan. When we resist that plan, we are hindering our growth. When we are given the opportunity to create change and gain new experiences, I believe that it is only right that we use these experiences as an opportunity to hit the reset button on life.

Life presents us with numerous opportunities to start over and get things right. However, due to our resistance to change we often miss the chance to obtain something better for ourselves. I can understand why so many of us are afraid of change and starting over, it really is an intimidating process. Being stripped of all of our comforts and having to navigate ourselves in unfamiliar territory is absolutely terrifying. However, something just as terrifying as that is being stagnant and seeing no growth at all. As much as we would like to blame life and others for being stagnant or for the problems in our lives; sometimes the only person standing in the way of our greatness is ourselves. We stand in our own way because of fear, and because of our inability to let go of things from the past. No every loss we experience in life is simply a loss, sometimes it is the stepping stone to the next phase in our life. For example, we can look at the loss of a job in two ways: “I’m no longer employed what am I going to do,” or we can look at it as “Okay I’ve lost my job but this is not the end for me, something better is on its way. I can now pursue that dream job I’ve always wanted, or I can take this time to pursue some of my other fields of interest”. However, we get so focused on what we lost we can’t even see the bigger picture of what’s to come. This is the same for relationships as well. The end of any relationship can be devastating; whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship. However, there comes a time when we must accept that when starting a new phase in life not everyone is going to be able to enter that new phase with us. A lot of the relationships in our lives are meant to be seasonal and we hinder our growth when we try to bring seasonal people into a new phase. It hurts to let people go, but sometimes it is necessary. Just because a friendship ends or you break up with a romantic partner does not mean that is the end for you there will always be more people coming along the way during your journey. But, often we miss those people and what they have to bring to our new season because we are still holding on to the people who have already served their purpose in our life.

To sum all of this up, don’t be afraid to hit the reset button. It is never too late to start over. Life gives us many opportunities to create change, but we must be willing to embrace those opportunities. We have to stop letting our fears, comfort zones, and people hold us back. Change is good.  Starting over is good, and the sooner we learn this the easier it will be for us to hit the reset button.




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3 thoughts on “I Am No Longer Afraid to Hit the Reset Button

  1. It’s interesting how we can wish there was a way to go back in time to change things when the opportunity for change is always NOW. We can always reset NOW. Especially when we are forced into change by losing a job; the reset is in the losing of the job .. or the other things. Grateful that you posted on this subject;
    t h a n k y ou!!

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  2. The idea of seasonal friendship really hits me. There are so many friends whom I don’t talk to anymore because, sadly, the only thing we had in common was school-related stuff. It’s still sad to lose them, but like you said, if we’re too focused on loses, we won’t see what we can gain now.

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