He’s Always on Time…..

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Have you ever had one of those months, weeks, or days where it just felt like everything that could go wrong, was going all wrong? Moreover, maybe you’ve found yourself in a state of confusion and disbelief that you just can’t shake out of your head. Well, over the past few weeks that has been the headspace I’ve been in. There have been days where I have stopped and just said to myself, “Today just isn’t my day”. Lately, life has just been coming at me fast, and in the midst of that I am still trying to find the answers to so many questions, like what is the next step? Where do I see myself going career wise? What does the future hold for me in general? Am I doing everything I can possibly do? When I am going to get that one break I’ve been working towards that could completely change my life? These questions have been running through my mind simultaneously on a daily basis, and it has left me in a state of internal conflict with myself while trying to deal with the external battles as well.

While going through these battles, internally and externally, I have been trying to change the way that I handle situations. The old me would have ranted and complained to my best friend, or I would have immediately called my mother in the hopes of coming to some sort of resolution but lately I have been praying. Do not get me wrong, I have always been one to pray, but the way Ive been praying lately has been completely different from any other way I’ve prayed before. My prayers have been more clear and concise, and I have been more intentional about what I am asking for. I say all this to say that this past Saturday night while I was having an impromptu bible study. The answers to my questions suddenly became apparent to me.

Good Things Come In Threes

Before I get into what exactly the answers were. I want to give some background as to why that moment, Saturday night, was so significant. A week or so prior when I was at my wit’s end I decided to call a prayer line. I felt like I needed to talk to some one that was on the same energy level as me. When I called I just chatted with my prayer partner, told her my situation, and after that she immediately went into prayer with me. What stands out from that call was when she mentioned Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. After that call, I began to feel a bit lighter and more at ease. A few days after that call I was at work and I was putting my phone in my pocket when I noticed my bible app open and it just so happened to be on the book of Philippians. I didn’t think much about it at the time and went back to doing my work. Well, fast forward to this past Saturday. I was feeling kind of anxious and restless out of nowhere, and nothing could keep my attention. So, I thought well maybe I should read something on my Kindle. As I was scrolling through book options I came across a study bible I downloaded a year and half ago. I didn’t really use it much because I prefer using an actual physical bible.However, once I clicked on it the first place it took me to was Philippians, I was in shock. I said to myself, “Okay at this point God is trying to tell me something”, so I sat down and read it. I have read that particular book in he bible before however, this time was significantly different. After reading it, I was emotional. It felt like weight lifted off of me. I was just so happy because in that moment I just knew God heard me and he answered me.

For those who are unfamiliar with Philippians, it centers around apostle Paul. During the time Paul wrote this book, he was a prisoner. The book of Philippians is basically his letter to the Church informing them about how everything is going and other things of that nature. The over arching theme I found with this book was Paul’s ability to stay positive although he was in a dark space. He basically told the church although this isn’t the ideal place to be my time here hasn’t gone in vain. He was still able to do his work, spreading the word of God and he got other’s to speak about it. This brings me me to the point that even when you’re in a bad or confusing space. You can still find the good and carryout your purpose. In addition to that, there were several other key take aways like humbling yourself and in doing so God will elevate you to the highest level. Furthermore, not to putting your confidence in human effort or worldly things but rather rely on what Christ has done for us. Also, finding God’s peace through prayer, telling God what we need, and thanking him for what he has done. All of this hit home for me and the fact that it was presented to me three times just show that it was meant for me because I have always believed that good things come in threes. Which brings me to my next point that solidified that God is not only working on me, but for the good of me.

Angel Numbers

In addition to the previous events, I have also been seeing the number 333 over and over again for the past few weeks. Whether it’s the timestamp in a video, the duration of a song, or the time on the clock. The number 333 literally follows me. Typically when we begin to see the same numbers numerous times it is referred to as angel numbers. Many believe that it is the way our guardian angels communicate certain messages to us in order to guide us or to simply let us know they are with us. The most common number sequence people often see is 11:11. After seeing Philippians three times, I felt compelled to look up the meaning behind the number 333. What I found fell right in line with what I had had been praying for, and with what I read from Philippians. The angel number 333 has four meanings. First, it means that God, Jesus, or any other higher spiritual being you may be connected to is with you, surrounding you , and protecting you. Secondly, It means that it is time to make a decision about whatever you are thinking about. Third, It can mean that it is time for you to use your voice and speak your truth so that you can become aligned with your most authentic self. Lastly, It means that its time to use your natural abilities and talents to fulfill your greater purpose. This last point tied everything together for me because it confirmed that all my abilities and everything I need to succeed is within me already because it is God given. I just need to trust in God and carry him with me every step of the way.

God is always listening to our prayers we just have to have enough faith to put things in his hands. Everything is a part of his divine timing, and he is always on time. He answers our prayers in ways we would least expect. Sometimes it can come from a stranger, a symbol, or in my case directly from the bible; we just have to be open to receiving his message. When we try to do things excluding God it never works, but when we thank him and allow him in through the good and bad he can work miracles. Always remember , “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

As always, thanks for reading! In the comments below tell me about a moment when God came through for you, or your favorite scripture. Also Follow me on instagram @kiaelizabeth__ to stay up to date with me.

2 thoughts on “He’s Always on Time…..

  1. I’ve been following Paul’s journey from Acts to Romans, for the last couple of weeks. I’ve also been trusting the Lord through the hardship and feeling better than ever throughout this season because of it AND 3, 33, 333 (in whichever variation) has been my angel number over the last few weeks! Your experience confirmed for me that God works in and through us, not only on an individual level, but on the collective level to get us into one heart and one mind. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m so glad that this post resonated with you, and provided you with some confirmation about what God is doing for you in your season.

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