Giving Up is Not an Option

This week, I have been feeling very uninspired. Creatively, I’ve just been at a standstill, and haven’t been able to come up with fresh, new ideas. On top of that, there have been a lot of negative distractions popping up out of nowhere and it has really thrown me and my energy off. So, now I’ve reached to the point I always get to when I start a new goal, where I begin to start talking myself out of completing the goal. It starts with, oh I’ll start over fresh next week, then that turns into next month, and next month becomes next year. I’m so tired of having to start over again and again. I made a promise to myself weeks ago that no matter how difficult things got and no matter how much I want to quit, I wouldn’t stop because I actually want to see this process all the way through. It really does bother me when I think about how much further along I could be my goals had I not given up on them so soon.

I was certain that last night was going to be the night, that once again, I would be stepping away from my purpose. I shut everything down for the night, feeling defeated, and started getting ready for bed. However, I suddenly felt this need to pick up my bible study and read the next few chapters and coincidentally the chapter I started on was Genesis 30.

The Story of Rachel

For those who are not familiar with Genesis 30 and so on, it follows the story of Rachel and her desire to have a child. Rachel wanted a child more than anything, but she had no luck getting pregnant. However, one day God blessed her with a child ,who we know as Joseph. Rachel was so ecstatic to finally have a child and she believed that it very well could happen again. But, things were different the second time around because Rachel’s faith in God was wavering significantly. She didn’t put her complete faith in God’s hands, nor did she put God first. She made the mistake of worship idols and even took her father’s idols. When the news got out that the idols were missing, death was called upon whoever took them. Her family was not aware that she was the guilty party. So ,from that point, Rachel ends up getting pregnant, but this time things are not as simple as they were with her first child. The labor with her second child is excruciatingly painful. Which, was of course all a result of her prior actions catching up to her. In the end, Rachel passes away while giving birth to her child. Everything she wanted was literally becoming a reality, but unfortunately she didn’t get to enjoy the very thing that she had put so much time and energy into.

The Message

Now you may be wondering what does this story have to do with me? Well, after I read Rachel’s story, I realized that everytime I give up my goals I’m letting them die. Everytime my faith wavers and I begin to question God’s timing and my abilities, I am letting my goals die. As long as I continue let my goals die I will never get to see the fruits of my labor, nor will the people whom need my purpose to be birthed to help them in whatever way, get to experience the finished product.

So, with that being said, If you are looking for any motivation to continue pursuing your goals and purpose, let this be your sign. Do not just let your goals die before you get to see them in action. Stay focused, stay motivated, and stay consistent and you will begin to see your work pay off. You may not see it now but one day your goals will serve a purpose bigger than you could have ever imagined. There are boardrooms at a standstill right now because they need whatever you are developing to move forward. So, please do not give up on your goals or yourself. This process is so worth it, and even though it may feel like nothing is happening trust me the wheels are turning you just have to keep pushing on the gas. You will get to your destination.

As always thank you for reading. Before you go let me know in the comments below how you hold yourself accountable for your goals. I can’t wait to read your suggestions and I will talk to you all again next week!

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