My May Favorites

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It seems like the month of May just flew by, and now June is in full swing. However, I can’t help but think about the many products that helped me get through May, and I thought I would share some of my product gems with you guys as well. So, without further ado, here are my may favorites.

***Disclaimer*** This is not an affiliate or sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


1. Bio Oil- After having my baby, I was left with some stretch marks. At first I thought there was nothing I could do about them, and maybe I should have been more proactive about preventing them while I was pregnant. However, I came across Bio- oil and it has been a major gem. It helps improve the appearance of new and old scars and stretch marks, while providing other benefits to the skin. I will say the results will not happen overnight, but with consistency you will begin to notice results. i apply it twice a day, once in the morning and then at night.
2. Black Girl Sun Screen- This sunscreen provides many benefits for the skin, such as preventing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and premature aging, which can be caused by UV rays. But that was not the only reason I was sold on this product. I was sold on it because it’s moisturizing and not sticky. Also this sunscreen does not leave behind a white cast after it dries, and as a black girl that is everything I could ever ask for in a sunscreen.


3. Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation- This Foundation gets me through every summer. It never melts off my face during the warmer months, and it controls my oily skin. I will swear by this product forever, its just that good, and it’s also affordable.
4. Maybelline Lasting Fix Banana Setting Powder- I have searched for a setting powder that would mesh with my skin, and this is it. It is perfect for setting my under eye concealer. It prevents any budging or creasing. and it helps keep my face from getting too oily.
5. Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara- I was skeptical of this mascara at first, but since I’ve tried it, I am never going back to any overpriced mascara products again. This mascara literally gives you the appearance as if you are wearing false lashes. It is simply amazing.

Nail Care

6. Kiss Acrylic Nails – French- When it comes to nails, I am a simple girl. Realistically, there are times when I don’t want to pay the nail salon a ton of money, so I just grab a pack of these and it gets the job done. It looks so elegant, and with proper care and application technique, it can last for at least 2 weeks

Mom/Toddler Must haves

7. Spout Adapter for Water Bottles- As a mom, I am constantly discovering products I never knew I needed. And this water bottle adapter is one of them. There are times i have forgotten my toddler’s sippy cup, and I didn’t want to hand him a cup or regular bottle because I knew he was going to make a mess. But with this adapter, I can attach it to a regular water bottle, and he can drink without making a huge mess. This adapter does not fit on all bottle types, but does fit on most standard bottles.


8.Woman Evolve- I don’t want to say too much about this book, as I will be doing a full review soon, but I will say it is a must read. I am very late to reading this, as it came out at the top of last year, but I am so grateful that I finally got my hands on it, because it changed my perspective about being ashamed of the choices I’ve made in my life and using my mistakes to step into my purpose.


9. Smart Sweets- This candy has helped me get through my diet. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and I knew that would be the biggest issue when it comes to eating healthy. However, i came across a recommendation for this on Tik-Tok, and I haven’t looked back since. The sourmelon bites remind me of the Sour Patch Kids sour watermelon candy, except this product doesn’t have a ton of sugar, and you can indulge in a bag of these without feeling guilty.


10. Tom Ford Bitter Peach- This scent is so fresh and fruity, and it is perfect for the summertime too. It has the perfect balance between masculine and feminine notes.


11. Telfar Shopping Bag- Lavender – I purchased this Telfar bag a few months back when this color dropped. However, last month was the first time I used it, and I love it. It is the perfect statement bag, and it holds everything I need for the day. This bag is currently unavailable, but you can go to the website and sign up for the email list, so you will be alerted when the color shopping bag you want drops.
12. Converse -Run Star Hike Platform- Converse have always been my favorite type of shoe, and when they came out with these, I fell even more in love. These shoes are so versatile and comfortable. I found myself reaching for my pair a lot in the month of May.

And there you have it, these were my favorite products for the month of May. I’m sure many of these products will follow me through the month of June too. In the comments below, let me know if you have or if you will be trying any of these products. Also, recommend some of your favorites. And, as always, thanks for reading.

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