Why “KiaKnowsBetter”?

 Hello Everyone,

My name is Kia Grant also known as “KiaKnowsBetter”.  I am an up-and-coming Beauty, Fashion, and Life Style, blogger. I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in African American Studies and Social work, and pursuing my masters. Along with my ultimate goal of becoming a child psychologist, I also wanted to create a platform that inspires others and that is where “KiaKnowsBetter” comes in. Formerly known as KiaElizabeth, I decided to revamp my blog so that it is a more accurate representation of who I am as a woman and the things I am learning about life and myself. The name “KiaKnowsBetter” implies two different meanings, to me it represents the fact that while I may know a lot about of a lot of different things; I am also very aware that there is still a lot for me to learn. “KiaKnowsBetter” can resonate with anyone and I want this platform to be a safe place where we can laugh, cry, and stand in our truth. To some extent we are all bonded by our experiences and our love for beauty, fashion, and life. My goal is to connect with people from all walks of life and create a bond through the aspects of beauty, fashion, love and life  in order to have an open dialogue about the issues we face as people. I hope you all enjoy and that we can continue to grow with each other on our journeys of self discovery.

    -XO Kia